Harvest Scheduler / Wood Flow

Ensuring that the right amount and the right kind of wood is getting to your mills for the lowest possible cost is a difficult but crucial part of running a profitable business. A demand-driven approach allows you to base your planned inventories and deliveries on need. You then reduce stockpiles and inventory costs. Whether you need to respond quickly to changing market demands or to know and predict inventory levels at different points in the supply chain, our products can help. Specifically, Cengea integrated Woodflow software can:

  • Ensure that mills receive a reliable supply of the right kind of wood
  • Help reduce wood costs by more accurate tracking of deliveries and by integrating with optimization tools to streamline woodflow
  • Analyze the impacts on harvesting schedules of changing wood quantity and mill destinations
  • Track past performance to help improve current and future planning
  • Provide management web access to key reports and dashboard charts.