Forest Management

Because your company owns significant land assets, your business solution must not only manage your assets inventory and run your day-to-day work in the field but also create, manage, and evaluate strategic and operational plans. For this task, Cengea Forest Management gives you the power of detailed projections for near and far planning horizons.

The software identifies which actions need to happen on which locations. What follows are highly practical activity scheduling, budgeting and resource allocation. Maps and related spatial data are combined with the plans to provide a thorough perspective on land-based activities and costs. Additional features include:

  • Scheduling of harvest activities, including detailed volumetric breakdowns and product analysis
  • Management of planned and actual costs which can be rolled up at various levels to provide detailed financial analyses
  • Planning of silviculture activities including seedling requirements and chemical application details
  • Interaction with growth and yield models, ability to export, import and store multiple sets of projection data.

When your plans are approved for action, the Forest Management module seamlessly links the plans to the field operations, allowing your company to analyze options, determine priorities, efficiently allocate resources, track progress and roll the information up to a management level for the entire land base. We provide you with the capability to track, manage and report on:

  • road construction and maintenance
  • silviculture performance
  • operational cruising, including generation of plot grids
  • harvest tracking, particularly planned vs actual removals
  • field data, handheld-collected and tabulated
  • stand rotation, with splitting and merging of tabular and spatial data
  • compliance and regulatory reporting.