Scaler / Tester

A forestry business needs to track and manage scaled wood and ensure that deliveries are assigned to the correct contract. Tracing a load back to its original location, verifying the quality of the load, and creating an audit trail of delivery information are all important aspects of the wood delivery process. Cengea Forest enables you to:

  • Track haulers, trucks and assignments to operating locations in the woods
  • Create and track load tickets and related data such as weights & measures, transportation information, notes and sample data
  • Capture various product-specific wood measurement types
  • Be notified of contractor warnings, suspensions, quotas and other important information
  • Create and manage tests and test results including composite samples, an association of samples treated as a unit
  • Apply complex tests to scaled wood and make contract payments based on test results and quality conditions stipulated in contracts
  • Scale wood in both attended and unattended packages.