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Linnet announces Merger with Genus RMT

Winnipeg, MB — October 11, 2006 —Linnet—the Land Systems Company and Ansera Resources Inc.—dba Genus RMT announced that the companies have agreed to merge, effective today. The new company will operate as Ansera Resources Inc.

Linnet and Genus RMT together create the industry-leading company providing solutions for land-based information management. The combined companies represent more customers than any other company in this market. The economies of scale and resources will enable the new company to accelerate the product offerings and offer customers superior solutions and services.

Immediately the broader product offering will add value to all our customers.

"The new company provides substantially broader geographic scope and clearly enriches the functionality available to existing customers of both companies." said Bruce Graham, President and CEO Linnet.

"Genus RMT and Linnet are two companies similar in nature, but the complementary aspects of skills, resources and product, strengthen and position the new company for increased growth." said Garry Rasmussen, President and CEO of Ansera Resources Inc.

About Linnet
Founded in 1988, Linnet is an international software technology company that focuses on the marketing, engineering and development of business solutions for resource-based business processes. Linnet serves Agriculture, Forest Products, Environment, Utilities and Government markets across North America and worldwide. For more information about Linnet please visit our website at

About Ansera Resources Inc. dba Genus RMT
Genus RMT is a leading provider of enterprise land and forest information management solutions and services. Today, Genus technology manages millions of acres of forestlands, with over 3000 users at the operational level, addressing the needs of small, midsize and global enterprises. The Genus solution helps to streamline business processes, and achieve significant efficiencies throughout the supply chain. Our customer profile includes government and state agencies, TIMO's, and forest companies. For more information about Genus RMT please visit our website at

For further information contact:
Bruce Graham
Phone: (204) 957-6202
Geoff Douglas
Phone: (604) 697-6403

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