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Winning Technologies in Forestry Conference Unique Opportunity

The leading providers of technology in forest planning have joined forces to offer up practical solutions for real world forest management problems.

Cengea, Remsoft and Landmark Systems are hosting the Winning Technologies in Forestry Conference for professionals in the industry looking for the best new ideas for timberland management.

The conference is to be held at the World Forestry Centre, Portland Oregon, January 18 and 19 2006.

Built around the theme of Integrated Supply Management this conference will look at how to leverage available technologies to improve forest management at every stage of planning.

Topics to be covered include:

  • The best practices in land management
  • Managing for certification and profitability
  • Supply chain success
  • Opportunities for increased revenues

"There are plenty of conferences and workshops out there that say they address technology in forestry but our experience has been that there wasn't a forum that looked at the whole picture of how to make the most of data you have, the knowledge of your organization and the technologies at your disposal and this is it," explains Michele Wallcraft.

"Cengea has teamed up with other leading providers of technology—Remsoft and Landmark Systems – to offer up workable solutions to real world forest management planning problems."

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