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Forest Capital Partners Acquires Integrated Technology For Land Records Management


Vancouver, B.C. – September 1, 2009 – Cengea Solutions Inc., announced today the delivery of integrated software to streamline day-to-day land ownership processes at Forest Capital Partners. The Cengea software provides land owners with the tools to effectively create and manage all properties, locations, associated land rights, encumbrances and legal area descriptions, giving all stakeholders access to valuable, real-time property intelligence.
The complex nature of maintaining land records due to vast amounts of paper records and maps puts pressure on a company’s ability to assemble up to date, accurate land record and property information. The Cengea Land Records module will provide Forest Capital Partners with a single, integrated platform for the management of spatial, tax, and ownership data, including land rights and encumbrances.

About Forest Capital Partners Forest Capital Partners is an independent investment firm, headquartered in Boston and Portland, that acquires and manages large-scale, investment-grade forests. Forest Capital’s focus is to create investment value through expert long-term forestry and progressive forest stewardship. (Additional information at

About Cengea Solutions Inc. Cengea is a leading provider of spatially enabled solutions. Today, Cengea technology manages millions of acres of forestlands and millions of procured tons, with over 4000 users at the operational level, addressing the needs of small, midsize and global TIMO, REIT, Pulp and Paper and Integrated Forest Companies. Cengea products, services and industry expertise help to streamline business processes, and achieve significant efficiencies throughout the supply chain. (Additional information at


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